The Proud Ancient Civitae of Bod Thandorn, today known as Bluewyn is a small town that sits on the western banks of the Blue Sea in the region of Irrisen in Golarion.


Total Population: 450
Official, from Irrisen census, SA 210

  • Human: 270
  • Sylvari: 90
  • Hal-Syl: 36
  • Dwarven: 45
  • Other: 9


  • Type: * Autocracy
  • Leader: * Mayor
  • Name: * Mayor Quoros Chandler (17 yrs)
    Elected on 5-year periods, with no maximum.

Bluewyn tries to remain neutral in time of battle, as trading is a major resource for their economy.


Little is known of the ancient fishing town. What is taken as knowledge is mostly from myth. What we do know is over time it grew into an important trade town because of it’s access to Southern territories.

The fishing town for a long time was guarded safely from attack by the Military base in the larger town Thandor. Based on it’s name _ Bod Thundorn_ in literature we can assume that it was seen as a farming community under control of the city of Thandor.

The Name Bluewyn is used more around the end of the First Age into the Second Age (c. FA 4993 – SA 1). Little is know about the territory as many records were destroyed in countless fires.

In year SA 200, The Thandorn Territory was invaded from the West (via Tharian’s Pass). Not much is currently known about the invaders, except they destroyed what was left of the post at Thandor. The invasion was cut off by the militia of Bluewyn at the pass. Most of the invaders were already in Thandor, and were destroyed by the company there. But they were not able to call for reinforcements, saving the territory.

Bluewyn is now an independent territory in Irrisen. Irrisen finds it as no threat, so therefore has no concern at the current time over the small community. Bluewyn is often used as a port of safe passage for travelers and traders of the Southern Territory before they enter deeper into the LE territory of Irrisen


Bluewyn is found in the Southern part of Irrisen near the “Hoarwood Forest”, known by the locals by the ancient name “Thandorn Forest”.


  • Irrisen [Capital] – 56 mi – North-Northwest – Blue River Rd.
  • Hoarwood – 48 mi – East-Southeast – Kaavaius Rd.
  • Thandor [Abandon] – 12 mi – South-Southeast – Kaavaius Rd. / Thandor Path.
  • Xin Shalust [Site] – 102 mi – East-Southeast
  • Varisia [Capital] – 270 mi – South-Southwest


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